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Coffee Time Gaming is a Greek-based Semi-Hardcore gaming group of friends enjoying their tea/coffee while playing their favorite games. Mainly coming from Star Citizen, Elite Dangerous, Monster Hunter. Destiny and Division Faction: Covenant Server: Asgard

Disclaimer: We haven't decided yet under which faction we will pledge under Our Goals:

  • Our goal is to control settlements in Aeternum!

  • Everybody will have a voice.

  • Mutual respect!

We are looking for gamers (guys & gals) that are:

  • Above the age of 20-21

  • Preferred language English

  • Adult Gaming Hobbyists

  • Responsible Adults ( especially with Clan planned activities/raids)

Upon joining Coffee Time Gaming:

  • You will be in a fun community free of drama & hate.

  • Have the opportunity to play other games with the rest of our members as well.

We want to enjoy playing this beautiful-made game together, gear up, explore, raid, and so on.

Although we are a casual gaming community, no training, no obligatory/mandatory presence in the game every week is required, we value your consistency.

Based on our Coffee Time Gaming team with a core value of respect and friendly spirit. Age 20+.

We are not enforcing any other rules, and also, we do play different games.

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