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Coffee Time Gaming is a Greek-based Semi-Hardcore gaming group of friends enjoying their tea/coffee while playing their favorite games. Mainly coming from Star Citizen, Elite Dangerous, Monster Hunter. Destiny and Division

We are currently intrigued and actively recruiting players & friends for our new company in New World. Most of us do have past gaming experience with other MMO games and clan management. (ESO, WoW, Warhammer, Conan, Archeage, Guild Wars, and many more) Discord:

Disclaimer: We haven't decided yet under which faction we will pledge under Our Goals:

  • Our goal is to control settlements in Aeternum!

  • Everybody will have a voice.

  • Mutual respect!

We are looking for gamers (guys & gals) that are:

  • Above the age of 20-21

  • Preferred language English

  • Adult Gaming Hobbyists

  • Responsible Adults ( especially with Clan planned activities/raids)

Upon joining Coffee Time Gaming:

  • You will be in a fun community free of drama & hate.

  • Have the opportunity to play other games with the rest of our members as well.

We want to enjoy playing this beautiful-made game together, gear up, explore, raid, and so on.

Although we are a casual gaming community, no training, no obligatory/mandatory presence in the game every week is required, we do value your consistency.

Based on our Coffee Time Gaming team with a core value of respect and friendly spirit. Age 20+.

We are not enforcing any other rules, and also, we do play different games.

-The council-The clan leadership will comprise a mixture of roles and ranks as described below.


-Governor: The clan leader, responsible for the basic guidance and organization of the Company 
-Officer: Mainly will be having up to 2 roles plus recruiting 
-Pioneer: Clan Members 
-Recruit: New Members


- Siege Masters: The main role is to organize and select the 50 players for Siege Offence/Defense 
- Ambassadors: Keep contact with other companies on the server 
- Craft Masters: Responsible for producing material and crafting items for the Guild. This role does not require to be of the officer rank.  
- Bailiffs: Responsible for the Project selection in towns and help with the PvE Invasions. 
- Trade barons: Ambassador helpers to be in touch with other clans
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